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DRD's Of F a r S c a p e
DRD Pike's Memorial DRD 1812

Current Projects

Project F A R S C A P E CD-Rom
(Project aborted)

PRoject F A R S C A P E IRC Chat Client

As you may or may not know I am a huge mIRC user. Well I have finally decided to make my own mIRC full script. I'm calling it "F A R S C A P E IRC Chat Client". I don't know when I will have it available to users, or if I ever will. I might just keep it to myself. Who knows?

Project F A R S C A P E Font
My attempt at creating my very own version of the FarScape font. It's a work in progress. Click here to read more.


"Hello this is yotz, you may all know me from the #Farscape room at If not, don't even bother reading any further. I'd like to invite you to my website!
Yotz's Corner
If you have any problems with my website email me at and I'll tell Scorpwanna to fix it or else he's fired!"

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