The first year Farscape came on, a chatter by the name of Browny created the very first Farscape font. We have all used this font for our websites and to tell you the truth, it is the coolest font ever known. One day (when I got my first Farscape DVD) I noticed that some of the characters in Browny's font where somewhat different than the one's on the DVD. I then popped in a Farscape episode and took screen caps of the credits at end and the beginning and found the same differences. As I began investigating further, I found that mainly the J X Y characters where the only big differences.  I thought perhaps Browny never actually finished the font but still allowed it to circulate as it has, (found out that she lost the love for Farscape after the first season). Meaning that there wouldn't ever be an upgrade of the Farscape font from her. The day after I found out this information, I posted on the Scifi bulletin board "Question for Scifi" asking if they where ever going to release the official Farscape font, I got no reply. So I then took matters into my own hands and started to create my own Farscape font. Using nothing but the screen caps and the DVD credits I began constructing the font.

   After creating the alphabet of Farscape (as best as I could) I then started thinking about what numbers would look like and symbols. Well to my surprisement on the DVD was the year 2000 So there was the 2 and 0 (which is like the O anyways). Later I found a 1, 3, 4, 6, an 8 and made the 9 from an upside down 6. It was finally coming together, YAY ME!? The DVD also had the quotations which I thought "COOL" so I copied them from the DVD. This is what I have so far (Below). You can also see some of the differences that mine has against Browny's. I dunno if anyone will ever want mine though. But I know I'll use it. And it may grow over the years :). My font spacing may be off slightly, but it's as close as it looks on the DVDs. If you would like to tell me what you think about the font, email me at

I recently found out that there is a real name for the font that the creators of farscape use. It's called Pritchard by a guy named Martin Wait. And since someone else created it, I don't know if it's legal to distribute the one that I have, but we'll see wont we?

ATTENTION: If you download the font I created and you have Brownys still installed, any type of viewing of my font will result in her's showing as mine. This is because, hers is installed and Windows knows the font as farscape. I know that in the Fonts folder it's named "farscape 1" but, the internal name for use with windows and webpages is "farscape". You must first remove her version then install mine in order for it to work!

Browny's FarScape Font

My FarScape Font

The Original Font used "Pritchard"

(Pieced together using the view tool at

Wanna try out my font? 
Click Here to download PC Version
Click Here to download Mac Version
(Mac version Converted by Aileen Nhomi)

My FarScape Font Including the Lower Case Letters

Note: The Farscape S can only be called upon (in windows) by using the alt+0167 (which is the windows font section sign combination!) Thanks to Ben Whisman for pointing this out: To produce the section sign on a web page the code is § To call the Farscape S on a Mac Aileen Nhomi says to use the "option" key + S.

Click Here to download PC Version!
Click Here to download Mac Version!
(Mac version Converted by Aileen Nhomi)

If you are having trouble unziping the PC Version and are getting errors,
Click Here to download the files separately!

For those of you who are having trouble using the Farscape Complete font on MAC OS X computers try this on for size. It's a MAC edited version of the font that I hope will work for you. Special thanks to Hank Shiffman.

Click Here to download this version!

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