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12:09 PM
Created a brand new look for the Farscape terms page. Gave it a little style, class. Check it out tell me what you think.

12:20 PM
Just registered scorpwanna.com. Going to host myself for a while.

2:33 PM
This isn't really website related. But I've taken in and finished a personal project involving Farscape. A MiniDVD of the Season 3 Promotional Trailers. It's been in the making for a while now. But I finally finished. I've been capturing and editing the Season 3 trailers in a larger format just for the reason of making a DVD of all 22 Promo's for Season 3. (3x19 created by me). The DVD has a menu structure which allows me to easily go through and pick out which one I wanna see. Runs about 10 min total. Since during Season 3 there was a few more promos of some episodes, I only chose the best. I of course will be giving chorn a copy. This DVD will not be available to anyone else, it's not forsale either!. Personal copy! I plan (in the future) creating one for Season 4 as well. Granted I did create a vcd of Season 4's but that quality sucks. DVD all the way!

2:04 PM
When the final 4 episodes of Season 3 first aired here in the US. Sci-Fi never had a promotional trailer for episode 3x19 (I - Yench, You - Yench). I figured it would air some time in the future but I have waited to long and seen nothing. So since my video creating skills have improved I decided to create one on my own. It's located in the Season 3 section of the preview clips page. Their is a larger version available that I will share on WinMX along with the others I share. (11/11/04 10:39AM updated the promo to contain different beginning footage.)

10:27 AM
This isn't really anything that pertains to the site. I've been going through some old tapes that contain Farscape material that I recorded over the years. The tapes have things such as Season 1+2 promotional trailers, "cast of characters featuring..." and other stuff. I've decided to take any footage I find of anything Farscape and make bigger video clips of them. Unlike the size of the video clips on this site. As I recapture the Farscape stuff and clean it up, I'll start sharing it on WinMX and Shareaza. So if you want to download any of it you'll need to find me on there.

11:44 AM
There have been some requested video clips uploaded. Also have uploaded a video clip for Noranti. I have created 2 sound clips from PKW in mp3 format. Video clips found in the video clip section. Audio clips found in the Sounds section.

10:42 AM
Well it didn't take long for Andrew Dean to start harassing me again. So I with the advice of a friend have decided to send them an email stating that if they continue I will report them to their ISP. Click here to read the Andrew Dean email log.

2:17 PM
Part 2 stuff uploaded, see if you can find it all.

10:52 PM
Individual character clips have now been uploaded and placed in the multimedia section as well as a clip for "Previously On Farscape" and the promo for tomorrow's part 2.

1:54 PM
A special page has been created just for The PeaceKeeper Wars trailers. Click here to go check it out. (Note: Some may think it sucks, but I don't care!)

10:53 PM
A recent chat discussion asks the question, "Were Season's 2 and 3 also shot in Wide Screen?" Season 4 we know was. A page has been created here to show you that it could be possible. Farscape: Full Screen VS Wide Screen

12:24 PM
If anyone's been wondering, the download rate of the site has been bumped down to a lower bandwidth usage. So if you noticed or wonder why anything you are downloading from here is going so slow or even at a standing still type slowness. That's the reason. If you would like to know more about why this has happened email Chorn.

12:36 PM
Last night a newer PeaceKeeper Wars Promo/Teaser/Trailer aired during a commercial break when Stargate SG-1 was on. This new promo can be found on the Previews Page 3.

11:39 AM
Got a request for 2 clip enlargements and have uploaded them to the Misc. video clips page. Check those out if you want. I'm not going to make it a habit of creating really huge files. But these are worth it I think.

11:15 AM
Maintenance and html code changing in effect all week. To ensure the quicker loading of the video clip pages, I'm going to clean up the code of the html pages. During this change, you may notice some pages may not work right, or may have errors.

10:33 AM
Uploaded 2 new Promo's from the Miniseries coming in October. These can be found here in the video clip section.

10:51 AM
We've been getting a few emails from Scapers wondering if we're going to have video clips on our site of the upcoming miniseries of Farscape due to air the later half of the year. The answer is, "Yes, if we are able to!"

11:08 AM
Click Here to read the continued ravings of a mad man the latest entry will have you questioning the mental stability of this person!

10:10 AM
Again Andrew Dean emails this jerk wont leave me the hezmana alone. Check out these retarded emails to me.

9:36 AM
Read the latest retarded entries in the Andrew Dean emails. I have told this person to get a life and yet they still persist in annoying me. I haven't replied to any of these stupid emails. This person keeps requesting the same clips over and over which are already on the site too. Which tells me that they are trying to piss me off.

12:00 PM
This is not necessarily a website related entry but all this month I am going to recreate the Season 3 Sci-Fi Promos/Previews/Trailers in bigger & better quality. As I create them I will share them on WinMX with users who want to download them. My WinMX name is Scorpwanna356(_*****). Since WinMX uses different servers the 5 digits at the end of my name will be unknown to me. You may be asking now "why not just place them on your site" the answer is "I know that I can't". However, If you are not a WinMX user but an IRC chat user. You can find me during the day at irc.chorn.com room #Farscape.

Recreating these will not be easy as I will have to go back through the recordings of all the Promo's in the past. Also since the computer I use is nearing it's end it takes longer just to create 1 of anything. The format for these will be avi (divx 5 compression) and mpg (video CD format) at 352 by 240 in pixel resolution. A few choice Promo's will be created also in 512 by 352 pixel resolution.

11:02 AM
Sorry there haven't been any updates to the site, I just haven't found anything to update :(. I will be doing a maintenance check of URL's to see if they work. I also found out that the newest version of the Opera Web Browser now supports the JavaScript text effect on the Crew page.

11:39 AM
This isn't really Farscape related but clip requesters should read. 

In recent weeks my home computer (the computer in which I create the video clips) has been experiencing problems. I have tried everything I know to do to clean and speed it up but I fear that the processor may be failing or something else has happened. (I got the computer as a High School graduation present in 1999. For those of you who are reading this now and trying to figure out my age and come up with 22 you are wrong. :) Failed twice!) My monitor has been slowly cutting out over the past year but it is also getting worse. I figured I would at least get a few more years out of it if I used it wisely. (I don't use the computer that much!) I tested the video capture device and it stalls the computer 10 to 15 seconds when I attempt to capture anything. (Even the mouse doesn't move! Meaning I click to capture and it waits 10 seconds then starts capturing.) It would appear that my video capture days are almost over. While at this very moment I am able to capture video clips, each time it seems as though the system is getting worse. I am a certified computer repair technician, so I do know a few things about how to fix up a system, but that one is on it's last thread. 

Once that system dies out, and if the video capture card still works, I unfortunately will not be able to use the capture card on any system with a Windows OS version that's greater than 98. (My type of capture card is only for 95 and 98, I have been unable to find any drivers to use under 98se, or 2k. Apparently immediately after I bought the capture card the Company who made it went out of business or something. "AIMS Labs" Lots of other people who purchased the same capture card needed technical support and were experiencing problems with it and I apparently was the only one out of the few who could get the capture card working. So I helped those people out on a message board get theirs working years ago.) I bought the capture card for over 100 bucks and it has worked well. You could say "It has paid for itself!"

So after it has captured it's last video clip. I will not purchase a new capture card. They are way to expensive, and since I do not capture as often as I use to, it wouldn't be worth buying a new one for capturing just 4 or 5 clips every other month.

12:12 PM
The latest entries of the Andrew Dean emails. As you will read last month this person requested 4 video clips for that month when I only take 2 per month per person. Since this person requested 4 and I created them out of generosity I informed them that no requests be taken during the next month, which is this month (June). I also told them that I would ignore any other email they sent me during this month involving requests. So Andrew knew I wouldn't reply to him/her. However this didn't stop the emailing. The latest email involved once again the "F" word. I felt I had no other choice but to reply to their email to me.

2:24 PM
I have decided to release a copy of the original pages used to view the Farscape Promotional CD video clips. Read more about this here. I was once able to get them working for me to view the video clips offline on my home computer, however I cannot get them working now :(. But they might work for you!

10:45 PM
For those of you who are having trouble using the Complete version of my Farscape font on MAC OS X, go to our fonts page and check out a changed version of the font.

2:45 PM
I Scorpwanna have always allowed anyone who requests clips (within reason) to have their requests created and placed on our website. Starting January of this year, there has been 1 person who keeps demanding more and more clips and is now frustrated with me because I refuse to make anymore clips for them.

Things started off ok for this scaper, they requested a few clips which I gladly created (I don't mind making a few clips for any person but when enough is enough "you know!"). Then they kept requesting more and more. I had asked them to slow down the requesting and allow me time to do things that where necessary to be done. This person didn't care! 

I soon asked for ideas to tone down the massive requesting and someone suggested that I limit only 2 requests per month per person. This didn't seem to stop this person as they wanted more and more clips. I figured this person was wanting me to put entire episodes on the internet which I refuse to do. Friends of mine think that this person might have a site on the net somewhere and could possibly be so obsessed with the Farscape clips that I create, to of created a site of their own to put these clips on with no credit to the one who created them.

Note To All who Know me and all of you out there who visit our site: I would not be doing this which your about to view if not for the last email from this very impatient person. I am rather busy these days doing other stuff and this person apparently doesn't care. I think that I have done enough for this person and since I don't care about my reputation on the internet anymore I proudly bring to you, "How to tell when a Scaper starts to piss you off." (This is the entire email event which lead up to this request finale) I hope you enjoy! :) And if this person is upset with me doing this I really don't care!

1:33 PM
I finally did it! I added a Farscape: Undressed multimedia section to the site. It's just starting so there isn't really anything there yet. Or I dunno if there ever will be. But go ahead and check it out if you want. Farscape: Undressed

3:42 PM
DRD Blue page completed! I finally finished the DRD Blue page on our site. You can download 2 scene's from Farscape of DRD Blue. Check that out in our Other Stuff section.

9:40 AM
Well if you are reading this, the move is over and the site is still active :). If you are not reading this then stop reading immediately and change the channel! It appears that chorn has everything working. I'm going to test certain links on the site today to see if it's all working though. There might be bugs around but, we'll work to exterminate them.

2:18 PM
I never thought the day would come when I would upload the video clips from the final episode of Farscape. That day came today. :( Last night as the moments until the finale came, I was both excited that a new episode was about to air and at the same time saddened that this would be the end. As Bad Timing was coming to a close and I saw the "To Be Continued" my mouth dropped tears began to run down my cheeks, I started crying and then through one frell of a fit.
In just one week sparks the end of this site. We here at Farscape.chorn.com thank you for enjoying our site and clips. Till we scape again in another unrealized reality!

3:20 PM
The end is coming soon. End of a show which we called our own. Yes, the end of Farscape on Friday Nights (Monday Nights for UK), and end to what I thought to be a cool little website I created. After the 29th of this month, if chorn's server doesn't come back. I will not create another fan based website for Farscape. I couldn't even find a place or transfer what is here. It's to big! Video clips take up space! However, I do have a few ideas of keeping some clips alive. I'm thinking of redoing some of Season 4's Promo's and making them available on WinMX.

11:18 AM
Uploaded 11 more Previously On Farscape clips only 4 remain :(. Added a page that many Scapers might like to check out. Or rather, write and submit to. I created a Scapers Rant page. Those of you who feel like ranting about Sci-Fi's decision to cancel Farscape or Rant about anything Farscape related, you may email me with your rant and I will place it on that page.

12:21 PM
Andrew Dean has requested more clips, I have uploaded 8 of these requests. Since a total of 19 clips have been requested by him within 1 week, I have taken the advice of those on the Sci-Fi BB and decided to limit the requests to 2 per month by 1 individual. I am sorry to have to do this since the server that this site is on will be moving shortly and may never resurface. Don't get me wrong, I love creating clips for people, but to many requests per episode is kind of extreme. Oh yeah, I've uploaded 6 more Previously On Farscape clips as well.

3:35 PM
Finally added Sikozu's Bio to the Crew section, It's a crappy one since all the info is everywhere on the net, but oh well.

1:32 PM
I finished my piece of dren pulse pistol and uploaded new pics of it finished today. And uploaded 11 new requested clips that Andrew Dean requested. They are spread out in the video clip section so check them out, they are good requests!

10:48 PM
Chorn has informed me that the Official date of Server Move will be March 29th, fans of the site will have time to view/download clips of the last episode of Farscape's last episode. If you do not see our site back up again after a week or two I don't expect us to be on the net anymore :(. It's been swell!

4:04 PM
Updated the Farscape Terms page with a few more words and definitions, which may or may not be correct. Will have to rewatch some of the episodes for better definitions.

3:10 PM
Added yet another page! This one is a video clip page just for Previously On Farscape's. At the beginning of many Farscape episodes there is footage of what previously happened in earlier eps. Well now there's a page just for those! Find a link to it in the Multimedia section on the vidclip.html page!

3:06 PM
Two new pages added to the site under the Other Stuff section. The first one is for those Scapers out there who have their own Farscape Intros they'd like to share with the fans. The second page is a brief undergoing of my experience while creating a Crappy Pulse Pistol. Go to the Other Stuff section to check those out!

1:04 PM
Announcing a new page added to our site called "The FarScape Times". It's still under construction but, as I add to it I upload it to our site. It's meant to just be something fun a "Farscape Newspaper" looking page :) other/fstimes/

4:03 PM
Changed up the images on the main page of the site to reflect a more Scape-ish look. (Hoping it would make the page load faster) Added Sikozu to the Video Clip section and a link to a page that's merely empty. Tonight I'm going to create a few clips to get the page started and capture a good face frontal picture for her page.

3:28 PM
Added a new page to our Farscape Website for scapers. I call it (drumroll) FarScape'd Names!!! (places his pinky to his mouth) On this page Scapers from all over can request to have there name scaped. It can be your real name, or a nickname you use! Sure it's a stupid idea but I like it!

3:29 PM
Added new image titles to main web pages in the site, as you can probably see above (Points up). Ran across a misslinked link to the Scapers Favorite Character page and redirected it the way it should be directed. Also, found out that the page doesn't work as it should. I have informed Chorn asking if he could fix this, as I don't know how. If you want you can email me with Scaper Fav as the Subject, your Nickname, Favorite Character and Why they are and I will manually add your info to the page. Still no other news from chorn about the video clip situation. The site still remains open to direct linking from anywhere. No new news about the move.

1:32 PM
As I have posted on our message board, I might as well post on here. Last week Chorn found out that visits to the websites main attraction (the video clips) were coming from alternate sites rather than from our site. In lazy-man terms other websites and message boards where posting direct links to video clips on our site without permission. Many fans in the past who have created websites themselves have emailed me (Scorpwanna) asking if they could link directly to the video clips section which I didn't mind at all since the section is a page on our site. But, I never gave permission to certain sites to link directly to the clips!

Chorn seeing that this was happening added a script to the multimedia section making it so anyone who directly linked to the clip would receive a 403 Forbidden error message which in turn would keep them from going to the clip. This script caused a problem for IE (Internet Explorer) users but not for Netscape or Opera Users. Instead of allowing anyone who was on our site to view or download the clips in IE, it was keeping them from doing so. It would display the 403 Forbidden error, not allowing access to the clips at all. I received many emails about the Forbidden error from various fans who where concerned. I immediately informed Chorn that his Forbidden access script wasn't working properly. He took action testing his script, as you may or may not know he nore I use IE for browsing our site. So there's no telling what does or doesn't work, heh.

After Chorn tested various ways of fixing the problem (changing partial links into full URL links) he still cannot get it working correctly. His script should be working but it's not. He has temporarily removed the Forbidden Access stuff. I assume he is trying to think of other ways of blocking direct links while allow IE users to download or view the clips on the site. So right now (possibly not at the moment any of you read this) the clips should be downloadable/viewed fine.

1:15 PM
As you can see on our main page there is a link to a page about the website server moving. I recommend reading that page for more information on what's going to take place. As well as my ramblings on that page and panic. Long story short if you don't feel like visiting that page. Chorn's server and the Farscape website will be moving locations in March and the website will be down for a short time period.

1:10 PM
Added a Website News page so that people can check in with any site updates or miscellaneous scheduled maintenance/operations that happen to the site. It's just about frelling time I started a page like this anyways. Heh, so that site viewers can be informed by coming to this page.

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