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History Of Stargate

A Timeline of events circling the history of Stargate.
North African Desert 8000 B.C.

  Natives are asleep in the North African Desert when suddenly a flying object hovers above one of the Pyramids. The natives flee the scene all except for one who is taken by a strange light coming from the craft never heard from nor seen again...

Giza Egypt 1928

  An Archeologist, Professor Langford, and team, while at a dig sight near the Great Pyramids of Giza, discover 14 cover stones. 13 in a circle surrounding a smaller circle stone in the middle with non Egyptian like drawings carved on them. Removing these cover stones they find a strange ring made of a metal-like material of unknown origin.

USA 1994

  Dr. Daniel Jackson (an archeologist and linguist), while at a symposium of "Ancient Egypt" tries to explain his theory that the Great Pyramids weren't built by Egyptians. Of course none of the other archeologists believe his theory.  Dr. Jackson is then approached by Catherine Langford (daughter of Professor Langford) from the Air Force offering a translation job for Dr. Jackson and the opportunity to prove that his theory is correct.

  Jack O'Neil, an inactivate Air Force Colonel is home mourning the loss of his son Tyler O'Neil and thinking of committing suicide. He is then approached by 2 Air Force personnel sent by General West to be informed that he has been reactivated.

Military Installation: Creek Mountain, Colorado

  Dr. Daniel Jackson arrives at a Military Installation where he is shown a circle of cover stones found in the Giza Plateau in 1928. Moments after his arrival he fixes the miss translated stones to read "A million years ago into the sky Is Ra, Sun God, sealed and buried for all time is Stargate". He questions why the military would be interested in the stones when Colonel Jack O'Neil walks into the room and deems the project information classified.

  Jackson in 14 days continues to study the stones and has a break threw with some of the non-Egyptian symbols. Bring this information before the Air Force he tells them that the symbols are in fact constellation charts and there are 7 of them forming what appears to be an address. Jackson is then shown the actual Stargate device and told that it was found under the cover stones. Moments later the Military then attempts to lock these symbols into the Stargate and miraculously a watery substances shoots out of the Stargate then back through it creating what looks like a vertical swimming pool. A probe is sent through the Stargate and found to of arrived light years across the universe.

  Studying the images sent back by the probe the Air Force puts together a mission to go through the Stargate after Dr. Jackson confirms that he could get the team home from the other side. Catherine gives Dr. Jackson a necklace with the eye of Ra on it that she found while at the Giza site in 1928. Later on the Military sends a team through the Stargate lead by Colonel Jack O'Neil accompanied by Dr. Daniel Jackson.

First mission to an unknown planet later found to be named Abydos

  The team arrives on the other side of the Stargate where they find a Pyramid and an Egyptian like civilization. The natives believe that Dr. Jackson has been sent by Ra, seeing the Ra symbol on his necklace. Dr. Jackson offers the leader of the natives Kasuf a 5th Avenue candy bar. Dr. Jackson, Colonel O'Neil and two other team members are invited back to their village. Staying the night with the natives due to a sand storm, the rest of the team near the Pyramid heads for shelter inside the Pyramid. A feast is held for the team of Jackson and O'Neil. Sha'uri the daughter of Kasuf is offered to Dr. Jackson and the two get acquainted. Jackson finds out that Sha'uri has seen one of the symbols he is looking for.

  Back at the Pyramid, a Pyramid-shaped ship lands on top of it, soldiers from the ship take the team members. At the native village Colonel O'Neil sits with Skaara (son of Kasuf) who tries to take O'Neil's rifle but is scared away by O'Neil. Sha'uri takes Dr. Jackson to a place with symbols and writings, he begins to understand the native language. Colonel O'Neil and team are unable to contact their other team members near the Pyramid and become suspicious. O'Neil then searches for Dr. Jackson asking the young natives as best he can of Jackson's whereabouts. Locating Dr. Jackson, Colonel O'Neil finds that he has learned how to communicate with the natives. Dr. Jackson reads off to O'Neil the history of how "an alien from a distant part of the universe searched the galaxy for a way to cheat death coming across a primitive race and possessing a young boy much like a parasite inhabiting a host. The alien appointing himself as ruler, now in human form, used the Stargate to bring thousands of people to the planet as workers to mine a mineral. During this time back on Earth there was a rebellion or uprising against Ra and the Stargate was buried there. Fearing that the natives would rebel against him on the new planet, Ra outlawed reading and writing." Seconds later Kawalsky locates a tablet telling Dr. Jackson. Dr. Jackson finds that this is what they are looking for as hopes for getting back to Earth, except for one problem, the seventh symbol had broken off and worn away. Colonel O'Neil then leads his team back to the Pyramid in hopes of finding the 7th symbol and why they aren't getting a response from their other team members, a few natives follow.

  Arriving at the Pyramid they see a huge Pyramid-shaped object sitting on top of the Pyramid. Colonel O'Neil and team head in to check things out and are attacked by the Egyptian like guards. O'Neil and Jackson go to the Stargate and Jackson sees that O'Neil is searching for something but they are captured and taken to Ra. Ra brings out a device which resembles a bomb and Dr. Jackson figures out that at the Stargate O'Neil was looking for the bomb that he brought with them. Colonel O'Neil surprises one of the guards takes his weapon and begins to fire upon the other guards and Ra but Dr. Jackson steps in the line of fire is shot and killed. Colonel O'Neil is captured again and is sent to a cell where he meets the rest of his team. Ra then sends out two of his gliders to attack the native people.

  Dr. Jackson wakes up in a coffin which has apparently brought him back to life. Jackson then has a conversation with Ra learning that Ra is going to send the bomb back through the Stargate with the mineral mined on the planet to destroy Earth. But to prevent the natives from questioning his authority, Ra tells Jackson that he (Jackson) will kill his companions in front of the natives. Back at the village Sha'uri and Skaara speak of rebelling against Ra.

  At the Pyramid Ra holds an assembly before all the natives and the Stargate team from Earth. Ra tells Dr. Jackson to kill Colonel O'Neil and team but Jackson sees that Skaara is armed with weapons and turns firing on Ra and his guards. Colonel O'Neil, Dr. Jackson and other team members along with the young natives manage to escape into the desert where they head to nearby caves to plan an attack on Ra. Jackson manages to get O'Neil to tell his team members about the bomb that he had orders to use the bomb if there were any signs of possible danger and if he found any blow up the Stargate. Dr. Jackson then finds out that Colonel O'Neil wasn't planning on returning back to earth no matter what happened.

  At Ra's Pyramid-ship he tortures his guards for their failure. Jackson and Sha'uri at the natives hideout have an intimate moment. Later on Dr. Jackson sees Skaara drawing on the side of the rock, he asks Skaara what he is drawing and Skaara says "The day of our victory!". Jackson then connects a few points on Skaara's drawing and finds the 7th symbol and informs Kawalsky that he found the 7th symbol and they can go home.

  Colonel O'Neil, his team and the young natives pretend to be mining and heading towards the Pyramid and surprise attack one of Ra's guards killing him. Kasuf demands that they stop and bow to the fallen god but Dr. Jackson shows Kasuf that the fallen god is indeed just as normal as they are. O'Neil, his team and the young natives head toward the Pyramid. Ra sees them coming thinking nothing of it and tells his guards to take the bomb down to the Stargate. O'Neil, Jackson and a few young natives go inside the Pyramid carrying something and attack the guards. Hearing the action going on inside Kawalsky with the other remaining team members along with the rest of the young natives run toward the Pyramid to help out. They are cutoff by a blast from a staff weapon and the main door closing. Ra sends out his death gliders to attack the rebellion outside of the Pyramid. Ra gives the order to one of his guards to send the bomb to Earth. Colonel O'Neil and Dr. Jackson make it to the bomb first, O'Neil arms the bomb. Sha'uri enters the room with the Stargate in it and a guard follows shooting and killing her. Dr. Jackson in a rage shoots the guard killing him. Another guard steps into the rings transport and heads down toward the Stargate. Dr. Jackson seeing the rings starting up picks up Sha'uri and stands under it planning to take her to the healing coffin to bring her back to life. The rings come down and pick up Jackson and Sha'uri and a guard emerges from the rings and Colonel O'Neil battles with the guard. Dr. Jackson puts Sha'uri in the coffin O'Neil and the guard continue fighting. Outside the Pyramid the team members and young natives continue to battle the gliders. The bomb is down to around 3 minutes and O'Neil is trying to disarm it for more time. Sha'uri emerges from the coffin alive again. Ra uses a hand device on Jackson trying to fry his brain. O'Neil uses the rings device to decapitate the guard he is fighting. Jackson escapes from Ra and he and Sha'uri ring down to O'Neil. O'Neil tries to disarm the bomb but it appears to be locked in countdown. The full force of the natives is then running down the sand dune towards the Pyramid in a rebelling rage and they subdue the guards remaining overtaking them. Ra fleas in his Pyramid-ship and takes off above the planet. Hearing the ship take off and still unable to disarm the bomb Colonel O'Neil and Dr. Jackson have an idea to use the rings to send the bomb to Ra's ship. They do so and destroy Ra and his ship. The natives rejoice seeing the destruction of Ra. Skaara and the young native salute O'Neil and he them, Sha'uri and Jackson kiss. Dr. Jackson reestablishes the Stargate's connection to Earth. Colonel O'Neil and the remaining team go home through the Stargate but Dr. Jackson chooses to remain with the natives on the planet.

The events depicted above are from the Stargate Movie

Directed by:
  • Roland Emmerich
Written by:
  • Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich
Main Stars:
  • Kurt Russell as Colonel Jack O'Neil
  • James Spader as Dr. Daniel Jackson
  • Viveca Lindfors as Catherine Langford, PhD
  • Alexis Cruz as Skaara
  • Mili Avital as Sha'uri
  • John Diehl as Major Charles Kawalsky
  • Erick Avari as Kasuf
  • Jaye Davidson as Ra

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