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08/11/05 12:01 PM
  Managed to get another soundcard so I can capture clips again. I've been trying to intergrate some CGI into the site, so far aside from guestbooks I've created an automatic Episode listing page, and automatic Multimedia page. Content is extracted from the clips for title info and reference. This is a lot easier on me. Before I'd have to manually update the multimedia page when i'd add a new clip. But now I just insert the clip in the directory and the page takes care of the rest :).

06/08/05 3:30 PM
  Registered my own domainname Multimedia will be avaiable on that. Also updated the multimedia pages to include the rest of the the SG1 & SGA promos including the newest promos for both series. Unfortuantly my soundcard in the PC i create the video clips in is busted so no more capturing for me :(.

06/02/05 2:45 PM
  New home for Stargate site here at Thanks to my friend Rick! Thanks dude !:)

8/28/04 1:29 PM
  Finally got around to creating both an audio and video clip of the Opening Credits of Stargate Atlantis. Both can be found on the multimedia page.

8/27/04 12:15 PM
  Following the Sci-Fi schedule I accidentally made a mistake by improperly naming and numbering the next promo for tonight's episode "Underground". According to the episode order episode 1x08 is "Home" and since tonight makes 8 episodes airing of SGA I assumed the promo was for that episode. I was wrong and just noticed and fixed it. So to clarify why the promos on the multimedia page skips 1x08, last weeks episode was episode number 1x07 "Poisoning The Well" but tonight's is 1x09 "Underground". I guess maybe Sci-Fi has a reason for skipping episode 1x08 "Home" for now.

7/31/04 12:37 PM
  Since I couldn't get the realistically fake login to work how I wanted it to. I tried ones it wasn't exactly how I wanted it and I feared messing with the cgi script. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and made my own. The login page works fine I think. Try to guess some usernames and passwords :). That is if you can find where the login section begins! Oh yeah, in the process of adding a guestbook signature page to the site its url is here Guestbook. Haven't yet determined how I'm going to add a link to the main page.

7/29/04 2:55 PM
  Well I tried and I failed, the new false government page on the index.html page seems to be a bad idea. Many attempts at a cool little CGI login have failed as well. I thought it would be cool to like, have a fake cover story page on front, then a (what's this a weird symbol to click on?). You click it and are taken to a TOP SECRET page and  pretend to be a real secret place and have a fake login and all that. But no, can't get it working right and or lack the patience.

7/27/04 2:33 PM
  Chat rooms for Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis are combined on the chat server in room #Stargate. We see that there is really no need for separate rooms at this time. However they can still be used.

7/22/04 1:23 PM
  With help from friends in the chat, the new redesigning of site is taking effect. I'd like to thank Dalequan for her help with the visual layouts. And One for the cgiing.

7/19/04 2:30 PM
  Chorn has Agreed to SGA merger on site. Rather than branch off onto a new section of his complete webserver/site. It will be just as is with title changes. It's going to take me forever to really update and make this site look as I think it best. I need to finish the history of stargate section and make the site more military-ish.

7/19/04 12:31 PM
  Haven't really been updating much about this site due to lack of time. But since the beginnings of both SG1 and SG Atlantis Seasons, I've decided to make time for the updates. Newer video clips for both series are located on our multimedia page. For now the site will still have the SG1 title and possibly a mix of both series. I have to talk to chorn about what he would like this site to develop into. Weather to keep it the same, or branch out for each series. So until then a lot of the material will just be placed in the default sections.

3/30/04 10:15 AM
  Was finally able to capture episode 7x12's Sci-Fi Promo last night. When the episode first aired there was no single promo for it as it was coming back from the after 7x11 break. Usually Sci-Fi doesn't make a standard promo for an episode when this happens. But now that it's captured you can download it along with the rest of the Season 7 Sci-Fi Promo's on our multimedia page.

2/02/04 2:23 AM
  Made a huge update to the site today. Includes crew page development, new "splash screen" index page (with password auth) page is just a joke actually "The password is in the source of all html.", minor adjustments.

1/27/04 10:20 AM
  Went through old recordings of Farscape and captured some Season 6 Sci-Fi Promo's which I have uploaded onto the Multimedia Page. Also created them as AVI and MPG format to share on WinMX.

1/20/04 9:57 AM
  Uploaded more Sci-Fi Promo's and more Season Opening Credits.

12/17/03 9:27 AM
  Uploaded the new SG1 Sci-Fi Promo for new episodes coming Jan. 9 2004.

12/05/03 10:01 AM
  I'm proud to announce the new Bulletin Board. Easy to use and located at The Stargate SG-1 Section is there awaiting your queries.

10/08/03 10:01 AM
  This past Monday I finally got a chance to record the first 2 episodes of Stargate SG-1. (I've seen them several times before but now since we have the site I have been recording the episodes) This will allow me to update the History of Stargate part of the site, which I'll hopefully start doing shortly.

09/15/03 9:44 AM
  Since I (Scorpwanna) have Dish Network Satellite service at home, I have the opportunity to watch non local channels via the Superstation package. One of these channels is UPN 9 from New York. This weekend I was watching UPN 9 and saw a promo for Season 6. I waited until it aired again and captured it and created a clip of it for you. It's a pretty good one.

Before Sci-Fi got the rights for Season 5, I use to watch it on this channel. Seems that UPN and Sci-Fi made a deal to swap rights for the Seasons seeing as though Season 5 from this channel has now been airing on Sci-Fi and Season 6 from Sci-Fi is about to air on this channel.

09/11/03 11:33 AM
  Sorry it's been so long since I last updated this page but here are a few updates on the site. 

Added a few images from the Stargate Movie to the History of Stargate Page. I hope to add more later on.

When episodes Fallen and Homecoming came on the first go around they where combined to be an all-in-one 2 hour episode. Since these past Fridays are reruns of these first two episodes of Season 7, there where now Episode Promo's of each. So I have captured those and uploaded them to the Multimedia Page. Thanks to another station which airs Stargate SG-1 Season 5, I finally got around to recording the end credits of Stargate SG-1 with no split screen commercial interruptions. Both the Opening Credits theme and End Credits theme are now available to download from the Multimedia page as well as all Promo's from the first 11 episodes of Season 7.

Also, I have created all the Promo's in Video CD MPG format. They are however a larger file size than the .mov files on this site. If you use WinMX and find me on there, I have these available to users. Pretty soon I should be getting DSL and getting rid of my 28.8 Dialup connection. Once that happens I'll ask Chorn if he wouldn't mind if I could upload those MPG's to the Multimedia Page.

07/01/03 10:39 AM
  Added the Stargate SG-1 Opening Credits TV theme to our Multimedia page and Revisions Sci-Fi Promo.

06/24/03 3:07 PM
  Added content to our new Multimedia page. Includes a few video clip downloads.

06/24/03 11:12 AM
  Just finished updating the Episodes list page. I don't hardly have any episodes recorded, but I have started to this season with the 3rd episode. I may later on purchase the first season on DVD. AND I have added content to our Contact Us page, which isn't that great!

06/23/03 4:15 PM
  After spending a few hours of Sunday watching the Theoretical version of Stargate the movie, I added content to our history page depicting the timeline of the movie and a brief overview of it. You can read this on our History of Stargate page.

06/20/03 2:12 PM
  An opportunity came today (a trip to Wal-Mart). On a previous visit to Wally world I saw the Stargate-SG1 Season 1 DVD of "I think" the first 4 episodes. I was going to see if this DVD was still at Wal-Mart (I've already seen the first episode but I thought it would be a good idea to take down some notes and references for our History of Stargate page. Wal-Mart didn't have the DVD however they did have the Unlimited Directors Cut of the movie which has bonus material and the theoretical version of the movie too. I decided to purchase this for a few reasons: 1. I like the movie, 2. It would be good for getting some notes and references for our History page.

06/19/03 12:46 PM
  I found a program already on a cd of downloaded programs that I have that has a curved text effect. I began the process of the curved text links immediately. If it's one that that Chorn admires about my website creating ability (which I think sucks), it's quick cool websites! I worked steadily on the curved text effect and it apparently paid off (as you can see on our main page). Having more time to work on the site I created some text image headers for each of our mainly link pages. More ideas will come later on for the site im sure.

06/18/03 10:33 AM
  Later on in the previous day I had created a temporary look for our Stargate main page with links to just the video clips we had so far. (At this time we do not know if we will be mostly a multimedia type or not) Using the Stargate image from the Official Screen saver, I took mostly the ringed circle (which the locking notches where light-yellow and green "ICK"). After deleting unneeded things off the Stargate image I then created my own locking notches and thought of a cool idea for linking (in circle linking I will have curved text links). Tomorrow I will begin to download a program for my curved text idea on our main image. (It's possibly going to take me a day or two)

06/17/03 11:51 AM
  First off I have to say that Chorn and I had been discussing a possible Stargate site on his server in the past. We are both Stargate and Stargate-SG1 fans but we had our Farscape site going on at the time. Now since Farscape is basically on a very long break the idea of making our own site came around again. June 16th I had created a few clips for some friends of Sci-Fi's presentation of The Low Down With Stargate-SG1 that aired June 13th. The next day I was going to upload them temporarily to our Farscape site but that wouldn't seem right I thought. I was in the chat room at Chorn's chat server talking to someone about the clips I had created and having no where to put them. Luckily Chorn wasn't in lurk mode in the chat room and he mentioned "mmm,". A few moments later he had created the site link on his server and he told me to "MAKE IT HAPPEN!" So I then began to create our Stargate Site, uploaded the clips and even made them into MPG's for other audiences.

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