Stargate Program

  This site has been created so that the public (you) may know the truth about (what is believed by conspiracy theorists as "a device to transport a human being to another planet" or "a top secret program for the purpose of researching a new type of weapon") a program named "The Stargate Program". The Stargate Program is in use by the US Air Force having to do with radio telescopes and was considered Top Secret for many years. We (the government) have decided to clear up any rumors and speculation by making the knowledge of the "Stargate" unclassified to the public (full disclosure). The below information is a brief report about what The Stargate Program is and it's brief history.

Giza Egypt 1928

  On an archeological dig in Giza Egypt the year of 1928 an Archeologist, Professor Langford, and team managed to uncover old Egyptian cover-stones. Beneath these stones lye an old circular shaped disc stone tablet with a manner of strange symbols (later found to be star charts) in a very Ancient Egyptian writing engraved on them. This circular shaped disc tablet was then shipped to the US for further study.

USA 1994

  In 1994 a government program set in to use the information gathered from the circular shaped disc tablet, this program again is known as "The Stargate Program". The word "Stargate" comes from the use of the "Star"-charts as being a "gate"-way to the stars by means of the translated symbols found on the stone tablet. Professor Langford's daughter, Catherine Langford hired Dr. Daniel Jackson (an archeologist and linguist) for the purpose of translating the "ancient Egyptian" symbols on the stone tablet. It was believed once translated we may use the information with our radio telescopes to further research/explore the stars and or other galaxies. The use of the star charts help us pin point certain coordinates in space that the "Ancient Egyptians" may of used thousands of years ago.

  Major General West & Colonel Jack O'Neil were brought in to supervise over the program and years later Major General George Hammond took over General West's position. Dr./Captain Samantha Carter was assigned to the program in 1997 due to her expertise in this field of this type of Science.

  The Stargate Program is merely an observant outpost located at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. Any other rumors about what the "Stargate" might be are just rumors and not to be mistaken for as being truthful.


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