This page is meant to keep the memory of one great show alive in our hearts that we have all enjoyed over the years and to remember all that was done to keep it from being cancelled by Dren-Fi! I have been a fan of Farscape since the beginning. I've had the chance to meet great people, (cast & crew members, fans). After the last 11 episodes of season 4 air on the Sci-Fi channel, I will stop watching Sci-Fi forever! Perhaps if Sci-Fi would of allowed the 5th season to air (as they promised before) then things may have be different! I have witnessed many great shows on the Sci-Fi Channel come and go (before their time), and I'm sad to see that Farscape is now one of them. Farscape actually brought me to watch more Sci-Fi shows. Sci-Fi always ends some of the best shows by using poor excuses. Well the one they have specified for Farscape is beyond low.

When Farscape makes it's many movies in the future, Sci-Fi had better not dare show one of them on it's channel! I'll only visit the Sci-Fi chat server to be amongst the friends that I have acquired because of Farscape. And (I quote) "I am going to buy every damn Farscape DVD there is, and continue to SCAPE ON!"


Save Farscape
The Farscape Global Community

Below is all the multimedia content that I (Scorpwanna) have obtained during the Save Farscape campaign. The video clip below is in a screen resolution of 160 by 120 pix, you will need Quicktime 4 or later to view it!

Description File Size File Name
CNN Headline News Interview With Ben Browder (Audio) 4.72mb CNN Headline News Interview With Ben Browder.mp3
CNN Headline News Interview With Ben Browder (Audio and Video) (in mini popup window) 2.70mb
Same as Audio and Video Clip above but a direct link to the mov file. ""
Save Farscape Commercial That aired during episode 422 "Bad Timing" 1.82mb
Same as above clip but a direct link to the mov file ""

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