Legal Dren

Farscape is copyright 1999-2002 & Trademark TM of The Sci-Fi Channel, The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark, and Nine Networks Australia. I (Scorpwanna) nor chorn in anyway profit (Make Money) from this site nor would we want to.

The stuff that we have on our site such as, Farscape Terminology index, Sounds, Video Clips, Images etc... are provided for the scapers (fans) enjoyment because we love the fans (as we are selves are fans of Farscape).

We are just a fan site, not an official site. We do not have permission from anyone for the content which we have on our site. No copyright infringement is intended by the way. If you are associated with Farscape officially (whether you are one of the co owners of the show, an actor/actress who's been on Farscape or anything of that matter) and you want us to take off any material we have on our site, don't hesitate to email us. We will do whatever you say!

I (Scorpwanna) love Farscape more than anything in the world, and would practically do anything for Farscape. If there is any legal stuff I missed I'm sorry, because I am not a lawyer and I'm not good with making sentences and paragraphs make sense.

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